Thursday, 5 February 2015

New to DVD : GONE TO FAR - Review


DVD RELEASED 9th February 2015

Coming to DVD this month is the new British comedy 'Gone Too Far'. 

Set in South East London the story centres around Yemi (Malachi Kirby), a street wise teen brought up in the UK, who meets his Nigeria raised brother, Iku (O.C. Ukeje), when he arrives in England for the very first time.  

Their initial meeting does not go well with Yemi particularly embarressed by much of what his estraged sibling does and says, not to mention his questionable fashion sense but under strict instructions from their mum he is forced to stay by his side.

Things get even more complicated when the Peckham boy sets out to try and win the heart of (or at least a date a with) his crush, sassy local girl Armani (played by Adulthood's Shanika Warren-Markland who clearly enjoyed getting her teeth into this juicy role).

Events are set over the course of a day that starts off relatively light hearted, with much of the comedy coming from the quarrelling and almost slapstick antics between the two brothers, but things eventually take a turn when it becomes clear that the object of Yemi's affections is playing him off against her ex in an attempt to make him jealous which threatens to make things become slightly darker. 

Armani's sidekick Paris (Adelayo Adedayo) is initially caught up in the whole scenario too before gradually realising that what is going on is not going to be for the best for anyone concerned. 

There is heightend tension between the Jamaican and Nigerian elements within the community and these quite serious issues are prominently dealt with, but never moralistically, throughout the story.

The film itself is an adaptation of the Olivier Award-winning stage play by British-Nigerian writer Bola Agbaje. Agbaje adapted the screenplay from her own play and is one of only three black women ever to direct a feature film in the UK.

While it's clear that the movie was made on a fairly strict budget, it's the performances from what is a largely relatively unknown cast that are all so convincing and their contribution is what help make the film a success. Serious issue are dealt with well and in a way that should make the target audience take note. Look out too for a few familiar faces that make appearances along the way including comedian and presenter Eddie Kadi.

The dvd is released on 9th February 2015, Cert:12 with extras including bonus scenes & behind the scenes features.

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